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About Us

Hi there

Our aim at is to offer meaningful gifts to passionate people.

For friends and family, pet lovers, astrology followers and more - we have a wide selection of funny and inspirational gifts in the form of canvas prints, mugs and jewelry.

All our designs are unique to us - you cannot find them elsewhere online or in stores.

Don't mistake us for some high-brow art gallery.

We like to create gift items that people relate to and enjoy having in their home or office.

Who is

Paul and Alec was founded in 2017 by Paul Hanson. 

I live with my wife in Hastings, a small coastal town on the Mornington Peninsula, 70 km outside of Melbourne, Australia.

We live in a beautiful part of the world blessed with beautiful beaches, leafy villages, wineries, farms, horses and stunning coastlines. Here, we work from home and raise Seeing Eye puppies (one at a time).

Our first pup, Angus, is now happily working as a companion dog on a new program for people with Early Onset Dementia. We're very proud of him.

Our second pup, Alec (in the picture with me - he's the one on the left) is a good dog and we have high hopes he will be selected for full training at Seeing Eye dogs.

We Ship our Art all over the World

We may be based in Australia but we ship art all over the world from US based factories and workshops.

So, if you live in the USA, your art will be printed by a US company using US materials and sent directly to you. No waiting for international shipping and paying extra custom duties!

We look forward to being of service.


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